Online Room Reservation Form

Due to elimination of all general fund support for the department, revised rates were submitted to and approved by Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA) and the Service Activities Recharge Advisory Group for the following effective September 1, 2016: 

Rate Existing Rate New Approved Rate
Event Advising and Coordination (campus client) $80.00/hour $105.00/hour
Reservation Fee:  General Assignment Classrooms (ex. 2 Wellman) No charge No charge (RSOs only)

$32.00/room/day (other campus client)

Reservation Fee:  Student Fee Funded Space with No Room Rental (ex. MU Moss Room) No charge No charge (RSOs only)

$32.00/room/day (other campus client)

Reservation Fee: All Paid Facilities* (ex. Alumni Center AGR Room) $40.00/room/day $32.00/room/day
Annual Event Priority Access $160.00 $210.00
Registered Caterer Fee $175.00 $500.00
Directional Sign Coordination Fee** $80.00/order $105.00/order

* For all events where money is collected or fees are charged (ex. Ticket sales, registration fees, fundraising), the $45.00/room/day reservation fee applies. For departments, this fee is billed after 4 reservations/week per the Common Goods Assessment.

**Does not include Sign Shop Fees which will be billed separately and can range from $175-$225/sign order.

Please indicate who the event is sponsored by.